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Regina Mustafa for Congress

About Regina Mustafa

“My activism, speeches, and public engagements embody the central theme of connecting people for a better understanding towards each other. Even if you disagree with my message, I am ready to listen to yours.

For my interfaith talk show and community activism, I have sat down with people of opposing views and managed to foster a civil relationship and helped people find common grounds. I will take these same passion and skill to Congress, if elected.

I am strong, compassionate, progressive, and an uniter for these divisive times.”

~Regina Mustafa


Bipartisanship & Civility

The journey started with coffee and meeting around the table for conversation. And grew into a state-wide travel journey from Rochester to Bemidji, Duluth everywhere in-between. No matter where someone stands on an issue, even if it is directly opposite her, Regina always makes the time to have coffee and LISTEN.

The listening is what is sorely missed in today’s echo-chamber of politics and media. Regina takes the extra step to meet people on neutral ground and hear what they have to say.

Call it “Coffee Bean Diplomacy.”

Upcoming Events

09Sep, 2017

Olmsted County DFL Meet and Greet

1500 Building, 1500 1st Ave NE, Rochester, Minnesota 559064 PM - 6PM

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